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We offer both Members Only and non-members (open to all) workshops and seminars, and seminar courses.

Seminar and workshop subjects include many medical condition specific forms and coordinated breathing and exercise techniques: Examples include

-- Qi Healing -- for generating and directing Qi.
-- Qi-Gong for neck and back pain
-- Qi-Gong for hypertension
-- Qi-Gong and medical Tai Chi for arthritis
-- Qi Healing and Qi-Gong for stress and anxiety relief

Seminar courses teach a specific form in detail over a period of weeks through a number of individual sessions (typically 5 - 9).



Classes provided in Bournemouth and Poole, Bournemouth University, and neighbouring areas of Dorset and Hampshire. Click here to see a brief video clip exerpt from a class that was shown on a Far Eastern (Taiwanese) TV news report about the promotion of Chinese culture in the West.

We provide walk-in
Classes, mixed gender or female only, to suit beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students; and offer courses, seminars and workshops.

Qi China International also provides medical condition specfic classes. Our therapeutic healthcare exercise sessions provide for sufferers from such conditions as arthritis, cardiovascular, respiratory / pulmonary conditions, stress relief and wellbeing.

For information about class locations, times and enrolment, telephone: 01202 580 414.

More information about our classes and services is provided on our pdf information sheet (left): please forward to any party or person that you feel may benefit.

Note: We can provide short pilot courses that offer free membership and tuition / no-class fees, that may be available in your area. To register your interest and learn more please call the number above.