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We are pleased to provide through the links below a wide range of testimonials from Qi China students, GP's and health care professionals.

The personal statements and other evaluations of the high quality and medical efficacy of the services we provide range from individuals who have been helped to successfully manage or even largely overcome a wide range of physical health conditions, such as arthritis, kidney complaints and blood pressure problems, through to evaluations of the effectiveness of our mental wellness orientated services.

Throughout all of the testimonials provided not only is evidence given as to the efficacy of the special medical / therapeutic services, but also to the professionalism of the service provider, and the important role of educating the service users and students about the concepts and techniques taught. However effective a treatment or medical / therapeutic technique may be proven to be, to actually deliver that effectiveness presupposes two extra requirements.

These are:

a) For the practitioner / teacher to be able to relate to the patient / student at an individual level.

b) For the practitioner / teacher to be aware at all times of the physical and especially the psychological / morale limitations imposed by ill-health (physical or mental) upon the patient / student service user.

Throughout the testimonials provided, it will be repeatedly seen how important are those professional health care provision concepts.


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