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About Qi China

Qi China International is an educational and practical Chinese therapeutic and medical benefit service provision teaching organisation.

Our services are provided to members of the General Public, and to major and minor public and private health care provision organisations and businesses, and to public and private UK higher and further educational institutions and colleges.

These range from the National Health Service and the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine, to complementary medicine practitioners and businesses that utilise Chinese medical / therapeutic techniques. For example, over the course of decades UK and international complementary medicine practitioners have requested personal tuition from the Head and Chief Instructor of Qi China International, Alan Tinnion [left], a Dr of Acupuncture and TCM and internationally respected instructor of rare traditional Chinese therapeutic / internal arts. He is in particular a recognised world authority on the systems of Wujiquan – the mother art of the much better known Taijiquan – and Luohan Ru Yi Quan – ‘As you Wish Fist.’

NB: supportive documentary evidence, including relevant email correspondence is available on request concerning these and related other Qi China International educational services; ranging from heads of UK governing bodies to very successful CAM practitioners in the USA and other countries.

To learn more about the guiding educational Aims and Vision of Qi China International please view our Aims and Vision page.


You can also become a member of Qi China International: members have the opportunity to be taught to a well-structured teaching and grading syllabus. Application for membership is open to all who attend Qi China classes, workshops and seminars and related services and activities. If you would like to learn more about joining as a member please see our Membership Benefits PDF, and related teaching and grading Syllabus PDF.

Although our services prioritise the teaching provision of a wide range of medical condition specific Qi-gong and Qi Healing techniques, Qi China also provides classes and seminars that cover a range of internal Chinese arts Styles and Disciplines. Examples include, Taijiquan, Bagua Zhang, Xingyiquan, and essentially for members only the rare systems of Wujiquan (Mother Art of Tai Ch) and Luohan Ru Yi Quan (‘As you Wish Fist’) visit our Styles and Disciplines PDF

Related Qi China International websites: www.alantinnion.qi-china.com and www.trad-acupuncture.co.uk