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We can provide: Six week walk-in pilot courses offering free membership and free tuition / no-class fees. We can also provide medical condition (arthritis, heart condition, mental wellness) specfic classes to your group or organisation; Mixed gender or female only classes; classes for over 50’s. Private tuition available.

From time to time pilot classes / courses take place in your area. For information phone 01202 580 414



Our services (detailed below) are offered to health care provision organisations (public and private) and businesses. We also provide both members-only and non-members (open to all) classes and seminars and workshops. Please visit our Classes, Workshops and Seminars, and CPD Best Practise courses pages to learn more about these.

Main Services

Specific Physical health condition related health care exercises, and where needed / appropriate, secondary or tertiary level supportive acupuncture / acupressure [Chinese medical massage; Tui Na] services. These are provided by Dr Alan Tinnion (please visit: www.trad-acupuncture.co.uk). Please also visit our Medical Conditions and Health Benefits page

Mental Wellness services: these are provided through exercise techniques taught in NHS and related [MIND + local council social services] organisation service provision locations and contexts. Please also visit our Medical Conditions and Health Benefits page

Other services

Best Practice and Continuing Professional Development courses and seminars: these include an enhanced CPD Best Practice on-line course and related medical condition and TCM thematic seminars and workshops. For more details of the on-line CPD course please view the CPD section of our website.

NHS and higher and further education institutes teaching services: concerning Chinese therapeutic and medical arts / exercises and techniques and TCM concepts, diagnostics and applications to a wide range of health conditions. These services are provided through lectures (provided on a non-remunerative basis), workshop presentations , and other teaching means and methods (including on-line).

Our services are provided in the following ways:

∙ Physical health and mental wellness medical condition-specific therapeutic small group sessions, to larger group classes

∙ TCM and medical condition thematic workshops and seminars (members only + open to all) suitable for complementary practitioners and NHS health care providers

∙ Members-only classes (intermediate to advanced levels), and beginner-level introductory classes open to All

∙ Lectures and presentations, suitable for universities, colleges, and other educational organisations and businesses

∙ CPD on-line courses and related seminars

NB: Our Physical health condition related health care exercises and Mental Wellness services (detailed above) are provided through packages that relate to the individual requirements of an organisation or business. The costs for these services are subject to negotiation on an individual basis, and relate to current NHS service provision tendering criteria at competitive rates.

Other Qi China International websites: www.alantinnion.qi-china.com and www.trad-acupuncture.co.uk