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Qi China International Continuing Professional Development Modules for Practitioners of Qi Healing, and Medical Qi-Gong and Medical Tai Chi

Our Enhanced CPD CAM Best Practice on-line course is lifelong learning orientated and, designed for all complementary practitioners and therapists who use Qi Healing in their professional activities, [for example Reiki, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Energy Work, etc]. It is also suitable for those teaching medical Tai Chi, Qi-Gong and related healthcare exercises.

The course is divided into eight thematic modules that once complete will amount to at least 25 hours of valid CPD activity. A certificate will be issued on completion listing the eight module-units the course comprises of.

By the end of the course participants will have gained/demonstrated CPD through a thorough grasp of, and reflection upon, subject-specific core concepts and principles of CAM and TCM [Traditional Chinese Medicine], and be conversant with related Best Practice standards, themes, and issues of practical value in their teaching and service provision.

The course is Not an Exam. It is, rather, based upon professional activity related life-long learning activities, most of which participants will be aware of and engage in already, but provides a useful structure for these, and additional subject-specific reflective Best Practice ideas and information.



Course Structure Information

Completing a module

The course participant is asked to reflect on the definitions and information provided and demonstrate their understanding of these through answering in their own words the question(s) provided at the end of each descriptive section. One cannot fail the module on the basis of the specific answer / research topic material provided by you, but responses Are required for all fields for the module’s completion. Modules are Not exams and the questions they contain are open ones designed to help reflection on the topics provided.

Individual modules study and research topics will if and where appropriate, include guidance notes in response to the answers given.