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Course Completion information

Course completion information and Timescale: Please also view our course sample modules information and Course Structure pages.

The course is divided into 8 thematic Modules to be completed over a number of weeks in your own time, and much of it being carried out in conjunction with your day-to-day professional activities. The remainder of the course comprises interesting research and home study exercises, easily completed in personal leisure and CAM personal study time.

In addition to helpful introductory thematic material, completion of course modules are where appropriate assisted through the following study tools, built into the structure of the individual modules:

-- Open question sheets -- for reflective purposes

-- Research topics -- to explore useful practical research topics concerning TCM questions that may be asked by clients

-- Relevant TCM study charts -- Meridian System and Qi Flow cycle, etc

-- Some useful definitions and guidelines concerning CPD and Life-long Learning (they are different but closely interrelate), used to assist with reflective thinking and self-evaluation.

-- Information about how to engage in feedback / service evaluation from clients and class participants – how to use this to enhance effectiveness of treatments and teaching. Coverage of this topic enables service users to engage with you, the service provider about matters not generally covered in classes / treatments; for example a change in health condition, personal circumstances that may effect commitment to receive treatments / come to classes (and therefore the efficacy of the latter), etc.

Course Completion procedure and timescale:

A provisional completion date will be agreed between yourself and Qi China International before you begin the course; this will be subject to flexibility [can be adjusted by you] and take into account your professional commitments and work schedule. The course can be completed at leisure and its individual modules submitted singly or in combination.

You will be able to send us Individual completed modules singly or combined at any time, with all nine being able to be comfortably completed between 3 – 6 weeks. Each module’s question section and research topics will need to be completed, and once received we will add helpful notes /feedback and email these back to you (within 7 – 10 days) along with comfirmation of completion of the unit.

Once all modules have been received and responded to with feedback notes and guidance, you will receive your certificate within approximately 7 days.