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Aims and Vision

Qi China International was created in recent years to Preserve, Promote, and Develop the teaching of Authentic Traditional Chinese medical condition orientated therapeutic arts / techniques, and related TCM medical concepts.

Since the creation of our organisation many advances have been made in education in the West / UK about Qi-Gong and Medical Tai Chi, and to a much lesser extent ‘Qi’ and ‘Qi Healing.’ Much work however remains to be done. The May 2009 NICE ruling on treatment for lower back pain, which opened the door to recognition of Chinese medical techniques such as acupuncture / acupressure and Qi-Gong and Chinese medical massage treatments for such conditions through the NHS, and other related developments have opened awareness within the NHS to the potential utility of aspects of TCM. The need for UK / Department of Health and NHS regulation of practitioners and providers of these Chinese complementary medicine orientated services to NHS service users is therefore increasingly being realised and prepared for.

At local and national levels Qi China International plays an important part in this educational and best practise practitioner regulation development, through for example Advisory and Moderator services to the ICNM (Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine) and directly to the NHS at Foundation trust and general practice levels.



Medical Qi-Gong and Tai Chi [for health] and related Qi Healing [energy work] have truly become a worldwide cultural heritage and their authentic forms comprise the very heart of the uniqueness of that heritage. Their attraction to countless practitioners across the globe, and scientific research into their demonstrable health benefits testify to this fact. In the hectic world of today, Tai Chi and Qi-Gong serve as unique instruments for the promotion and maintenance of good bodily health, and the cultivation of a sense of balanced well-being.

Unfortunately, outside of China and East Asia (where stringent quality control of these Arts exists), a variety of injurious factors operate. This is a tribute to the attractiveness of these arts to growing numbers worldwide. It does however pose certain dangers to the health of those taught forms inaccurately, or who are not properly instructed regarding such basic matters as correct posture alignment and breathing techniques.

'Qi’ is the Chinese name for intrinsic energy circulated throughout the human body via the blood, cardio-vascular respiration, and the acupressure points and acupuncture meridians. It is a potent energy that circulates in and sustains the life and well-being of the human body. Chinese medical energy work ‘qi healing,’ qi-gong, and the much better-known [in the West] Tai Chi for health are all highly effective at maintaining or restoring good health. However, they can fail to provide their health benefits and actually be medically harmful if incorrectly taught and practised by the unwary instructor or student lacking proper knowledge of the Chinese medical concepts upon which they are based, and how these are safely applied through a sufficient knowledge of for example anatomy and physiology, and qi-flow direction.

Qi China, in addition to providing a wide range of services to students and others, is in particular deeply committed to educating the general public and UK health care professionals concerning the medical impact and nature of these arts and techniques. For, if taught correctly by those possessed of the proper grounding in TCM concepts allied to a substantial knowledge of anatomy and physiology and medical professional level understanding of the wide range of medical conditions they can treat, can bestow much greater medical and therapeutic benefits. For examples of such results please view our testimonials.