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Medical Benefits of our services


Take Charge of Your Health: Medical condition and health benefits information

Listed below are some of the physical health and mental wellness conditions that we are able to assist with via our range of individual health condition related exercise techniques and related services. These are provided from small group (3 – 5) to larger class levels, and where required a 1-2-1 basis (including acupuncture / acupressure were appropriate): medical condition orientated self-healing workshops and seminars are also available.

Some sessions (more tailored to the limitations imposed by certain medical conditions and or their level of severity at the time – for example the early stage of post-operative recovery) for small groups or 1-2-1 may be of 30 minutes duration. Others, such as more general relaxation classes typically last 1 hour or a little longer.

NB: All sessions / classes contain detailed clear instruction geared to enabling service-users and students to practice accurately and effectively in their own time between sessions / classes – we help you to take charge of your own health!

Medical conditions assisted:

• Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
• Stroke related balance problems
• Hypertension and Hypotension
• Back pain and related symptoms
• Management of type 1 and type 2 Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Kidney deficiency complaints
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – providing energy boost
• Post-operative rehabilitation for Breast Cancer patients
• Muscular atrophy related problems
• Bi-Polar and Depression
• Anxiety, stress and related health conditions

Medical and health benefits that our therapeutic services can provide: please also visit our Testimonials Page:

• Improved co-ordination and balance
• Reduction of stress and hypertension
• Enhanced stamina
• Better concentration and clarity of mind
• The psychological benefits of harmonization of mind, body, and spirit
• Enhancement of the flexibility of limbs and body
• Strengthening of limbs and localised areas of the body
• Assist development of a progression pathway to full rehabilitation
• Help diminish prescribed medication (in conjunction with NHS / GP medical guidance)

Please visit our About Qi Healing, Qi-Gong [energy work], Medical Tai Chi and TCM page to learn about the background to the Chinese therapeutic arts taught through our services. For more about medical professional research into the benefits of Qi-Gong click here.