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This section of the website includes articles by Qi China International, and related information concerning news, or details concerning traditional qi-gong, TCM, and the internal arts (nei-gong).

It will also include links to good quality research and health care websites recommended by us.



ICNM Journal acupuncture article by the Head of Qi China International: ICNM Journal Summer 2009 Acupuncture Article

Best Practitioner of the Year (South West Region) 2010 notification: Press Release

Academic research articles concerning the effectiveness of Qi-Gong on a range of medical conditions: Qi China International PDF

Qufu Shaolin Martial Arts Article The Spirit of Gong Fu article by Dr Alan Tinnion, Inner Chamber Disciple of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong: the article contains information about the rare art of 'Luohan Ru Yi Quan' taught in its entirety to Ar Tinnion: Article

Wujiquan and Luohan Ru Yi Quan descriptions document originally created by Qi China International for Wikipedia: Article


Qi China International Video links:

Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong video demonstrating generation and direction of qi: video

Taiwanese Macroview TV broadcast news report featuring Qi China International promoting multicultural learning and education about Chinese culture in the UK: news article