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Dr Alan Tinnion contribution to ICNM Journal
Wednesday, 08 July 2009

Dr Alan Tinnion -- ICNM Advisor, and Head of Qi China International -- provided a leading contribution to the ICNM (Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine) Jounal's 2009 Summer edition through an article, 'Acupuncture -- Embracing a Holistic Discipline'.

In the article, which dealt with the topic of acupuncture, Dr Alan Tinnion contributed helpful and important guidance concerning TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) principles and applications. The contribution to the article, made at the request of the ICNM Journal editor, emphasised the importance of furthering the good name of TCM as practised by the very high standards applied by TCM practitioners and teaching establishments [universities / hospitals] in China, which when followed have a very high success record in restoring and maintaining good health to all who practise their various fields / disciplines in their proper, unadulterated forms.

Qi China International is very pleased to have contributed to the article and for the ICNM's support for furthering the provision of TCM therapies of the highest quality by those who wish to use them in their professional fields.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Qi China International is pleased to be collaborating with the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine to assist the organisation's preparations to enable it's members to meet the 2011 Government CPD regulations to the exemplary standards which the Institute seeks to promote to all practitioners of complementary, natural, and alternative medicine.

As an early outcome of the collaboration with the ICNM, part of the Qi China International 2009 - 2010 programme of seminars and courses will include a Continuing Professional Development Facility for practitioners using Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, and Qi healing. The Qi China International CPD courses will be partly run through special half-day seminars in London and Bournemouth, and partly on-line.


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